President's Corner

Hello!! As your newly elected President I would like to say that I am excited about a new year for the Warblers Club. As I reflect on the amazing history that the Club has had over the many years, I am proud (in a good sense of the word). I am sure that I speak for many when I say that we who have been privileged to be a part of it are very thankful for the many opportunities that we have all enjoyed.

We have come to the conclusion of a very good year with a great "big show" this past summer. I still hear many great comments from folks who were in attendance. This coming year will be an off year in respect to another "big show" but there are some other good things in the pipeline that we all can anxiously look forward to. One of these is our upcoming performance at the Lyric Theater in February.

As we begin this new year I encourage each member to do several things:
* Be faithful in rehearsal attendance
* Uphold your elected officers and board members in prayer
* Pray for your director and pianist regularly
* Be busy in new recruiting endeavors

Let's have a GREAT year guys!!!

Jim Martin